Design Forecast

The purpose of our design forecast is to serve as a useful tool to create engaging, unique, and long-lasting spaces and brands. We research and vision how best to design for target markets, differentiate, and achieve longevity. We test and spotlight the latest products and places and report on national and global trends impacting our industry. Our forecast was born from an honest intent to add value and be a committed custodian of bright ideas, innovative thinking, and sharing for a greater good.


Summertime energy contrasted with a real-world need to leverage the lighthearted side of life inspired us to research all things ‘outdoor play.’ The impacts of recent years’ events has focused our industry on designing for a flexible work-from-anywhere world. This Forecast Feature is all about flipping the narrative from work to PLAY. We are drawing inspiration from our inner child and zeroing in on fun for the sake of fun.

Studies show that play is just as important for adults as it is for kids. Play is an opportunity to relieve stress, socialize, and bring joy to life. It has the super-power to generate happiness, energy, and support human connection. Outdoor play has the added benefit of reconnecting us with nature and offering us respite from technology.

We set out this month to research and ideate what is both new and time-tested in this space to push our industry to elevate our outdoor ‘game!’ We reached out to a wise group of experts in the field of play and interviewed a few of our team’s kids about what play means to them. The takeaway is that play is a great way to make friends and lift our spirits. We wholeheartedly believe play is both elemental and an incredible community builder. Prioritizing and investing in this realm will not only create value but will quite literally make this world a happier place. How great is that?!

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