Design Forecast

The purpose of our design forecast is to serve as a useful tool to create engaging, unique, and long-lasting spaces and brands. We research and vision how best to design for target markets, differentiate, and achieve longevity. We test and spotlight the latest products and places and report on national and global trends impacting our industry. Our forecast was born from an honest intent to add value and be a committed custodian of bright ideas, innovative thinking, and sharing for a greater good.



Basic saunas and steam rooms are being upgraded to include multi-step bathing rituals. Wellness hospitality is drawing inspiration from ancient healing rituals often inspired by the site’s heritage. Baths modeled after traditional Roman, Moroccan, and Turkish bathing complexes are on the rise. Modalities are being combined within one treatment cabin to make the experience multipurpose and unique. Contrast therapy is becoming mainstream, and patrons of wellness spas are generally more educated on how to progress along the bathing circuit.


Social wellness is becoming mainstream in the US, with friends choosing to meet at bathhouses instead of bars. European-style sauna rituals are appearing in urban bathhouses in major cities across the country.


The pool, often indoor, has been reimagined and repackaged as a wellness space. These pools are designed as atmospheric, ultra-luxe spaces geared toward relaxation and are often found adjacent to other wellness amenities.


Fitness has long been associated with wellness, but there is now a shift to include sports. Specifically, racket sports like pickleball and padel are gaining popularity due to their casual playability and social fitness benefits.


Agricultural experiences are a growing sector within the world of wellness hospitality. People are becoming more aware that interacting with nature and animals contributes to overall wellbeing. There is an increase in interactive, experiential, and educational programming centered around plants and animals.


The success of The Well cannot be ignored. The integration of their brand into three highly-rated Auberge Resorts and the upcoming opening of their first fully integrated luxury wellness residences at Bay Harbor Islands, Miami, is a significant marker in the wellness hospitality segment.

We identified a few common themes. Most Colors of the Year doubled down on positivity and warmth, with many specifically seeking to create community and belonging through color. The past few years have seen a shift in design from cooler neutral tones to warmer neutral tones, and most Colors of the Year are positioned to straddle that transition. This flexibility is a key theme, as we also see the colors working well as neutrals themselves.

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