Design Forecast

We have moved into an era that is less about show and more about substance. We believe that this is not a time for frivolous design, but rather purposeful design. For this reason, we have dedicated this volume of our forecast to CONSCIOUS DESIGN that drives human connection, healthy built environments, well lifestyles, and true authenticity. As designers, it is our role to design with heart, consciously, and bring forward community-driven place-making.

The purpose of our design forecast is to serve as a useful tool to create engaging, unique, and long-lasting spaces and brands. We research and vision how best to design for target markets, differentiate and achieve longevity. We test and spotlight the latest products and places and report on nation and global trends influencing our industry.

Our forecast was born from an honest intent to add value and be a custodian of bright ideas, innovative thinking, and sharing for the greater good.

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