Our Story

Creating authentic spaces and brands that engage, elevate and endure.

CID Design Group is a progressive second generation Florida-based interior design group working nationally on unique multifamily, hospitality, commercial, retail, and high-end residential projects. We are routinely engaged to speak about emerging trends and our published Multi-family Design Forecast.

A | the family bridal shop in downtown cleveland, on ontario street from 1956-1996, where mom jumped over the counter in her heels to chase down a burglar B | cid, originally founded in cleveland, ohio was a regular award recipient from the hba for our model homes C | vintage news article with mom rocking some ‘80s hair + shoulder pads D | posing under dad’s transom on a development, i learned to drive stick on one of my dad’s tractors E | one of mom and my favorite chores was to sweep the saw dust on a job site after rough frame F | mom and i were members of the same jazz dance company, my favorite performance was teaching the history of jazz to elementary schools + nursing homes, from african + minstrel, to punk + hip hop G | grandma + grandpa owned the ritz hat factory in the warehouse district of downtown cleveland, which started on west 3rd st. clair, then moved to ontario street at public square presently where the justice center is now. i still have one of the original factory hat blocks that mom would help make in my house H | my grandfather was the principal architect at the iconic terminal tower in downtown cleveland and worked there for much of his career

We build our story from location and history; which influences our design, and drives the artistic vision. A historical space helps to establish the connection to the location. Through an understanding of history we create a historically aware space and foster a sense of belonging.

Our Beliefs

We believe in story and soul We believe in engaging bespoke spaces and brands We believe in design longevity We believe in knowing how to construct what we are imagining We believe in action We believe in positivity We believe in play We believe in curiosity and forever students We believe in team We believe in making a difference
We believe in pushing the boundaries
We believe in the importance of storytelling
We believe in always being curious
We believe in creating memorable and authentic experiences
We believe in approaching every challenge as an opportunity
We believe in knowing how to construct what we are imagining
We believe in the details and leaving nothing to chance

Our Team


principal + director of operations