We are seeing a shift in people’s approach toward wellness. The idea of ‘wellness’ is becoming more casual, approachable, and accessible. It’s morphing into integrated wellbeing – a part of day-to-day life that is no longer divided between times we take care of ourselves and times we don’t.

As we begin to look at every aspect of our lives through the lens of wellness, we are beginning to consider things like socialization, mental health, emotional health, and authentic balance to be integral to our new definition of holistic wellness. People are looking for opportunities to weave wellness into every moment of their day, not just through diet and exercise, but through how they approach work, friends, technology, and travel.

As designers, we are inspired to create spaces that support people to access wellness as an integrated part of their day. We are coloring wellness outside the lines of just one space by activating well-amenities in unexpected zones, designing wellness amenities to be social, and considering often-forgotten elements like sound.

We believe this shift in wellness aligns with the spirit of community and designing spaces that support optimal health.