Shea Odell-Scott

associate | design futurist

akron, ohio
b.s. fashion merchandising, kent state university

work experience:

multifamily | design trend forecast
hospitality | design trend forecast
market segmentation research
product testing + reporting
emphasis on design longevity
infuse trend findings into project visioning
apparel product development | mass-market retail
eyewear product development | mass-market retail
developed + instructed ceu | design forecast
hosts quarterly webinars on latest design trends
blue zones worksite alliance representative | sharing workplace best practices, sustainability + engagement ideas and resources

key project experience:

- touches + influences all cid projects in all phases from visioning through ffe

best design tip:

create with purpose + longevity in mind, say something + make it beautiful.

favorite pattern:

flower of life

best advice:

to handle any situation, take a few deeps breaths + lead with the heart.

hidden talent:

thrift shopping - I always find a hidden treasure.

if its the last thing i do...

i will learn at least one more language.

trip of a lifetime:

i've always wanted to go to the rain forest in costa rica.