Caterina McEwan

Accounts Payable Specialist

Naples, FL

Extensive experience in managing accounts payable operations for diverse industries, with a proven track record of over 20+ years.

Proficient in overseeing end-to-end accounts payable processes, including invoice verification, payment processing, and reconciliation, ensuring accuracy and compliance with company policies and regulations.

Skilled in utilizing various vendor management and accounting software systems, such as QuickBooks and Ajera to streamline workflows and maximize efficiency.

best design tip:

A good design makes a product more useful

favorite pattern:

Anything with bright colors

best advice:

Believe in yourself! You can do anything to make things happen in life.

hidden talent:

I can make a tasty homemade sauce and meatballs (my mom's recipe).

if its the last thing i do...

I will live in the Bahamas with my husband.

trip of a lifetime:

Past | Italy where I met my grandfather (Nonno) for the first time and experienced the culture. It was amazing.