Alanna Call

Creative Lead + Storyteller

Washington D.C.
B.S. Interior Design, Southwest Florida College
Cum Laude

work experience:

Establish creative design direction
Target market + location styles research
Visioning, schematic + design development presentations
Demographic + historical significance research
Assist in hi-level marketing + branding
Continued exploration of current trends
Co-developed + instructed companywide CEU on CID design standards

key project experience:

- Touches + influences all CID projects at all phases from visioning through FFE

best design tip:

Always refer to history; look at the great architects + designers of the past. Understand their process + what purposes their designs served.

favorite pattern:

Golden ratio, of course

best advice:

Form your concept, believe it... now convince everyone else.

hidden talent:

Jedi knight

if its the last thing i do...

Pet a sea otter

trip of a lifetime:

Versailles, 1774