Alanna Call

Creative Lead + Storyteller

Washington D.C.
B.S. Interior Design, Southwest Florida College
Cum Laude

work experience:

Establish creative design direction
Target market + location styles research
Visioning, schematic + design development presentations
Demographic + historical significance research
Assist in hi-level marketing + branding
Continued exploration of current trends
Co-developed + instructed companywide CEU on CID design standards

key project experience:

Position Related:

– Touches + influences all CID projects at all phases from visioning through FFE

Best Design Tip

Always refer to history; look at the great architects + designers of the past. Understand their process + what purposes their designs served.

Favorite Pattern

Golden ratio, of course

Best Advice

Form your concept, believe it... now convince everyone else.

Hidden Talent

Jedi knight

If Its The Last Thing I Do

I will pet a sea otter.