Dear CID friends + family,


We are incredibly grateful to report that our entire team and their families are all safe and sound. We are also very fortunate that our Naples studio was not damaged and that we are back powered up and open today. Thankfully about 1/3 of our team is based outside of our area/state and were able to help us from afar and keep business moving.


It is very difficult to share that some of our team’s homes, families’ homes and vehicles were lost in the extraordinarily widespread flooding across SWFL along with so many of our waterfront communities and small businesses. Four of our team-members had flood damage to their homes, three lost cars to water and six of our team’s local parents lost homes.


The damage has been so so hard to witness, yet the acts of generosity, resiliency, and true community have been stunning. The stories of our team helping one another, and others have been deeply moving. The well wishes from so many of our clients, vendors and friends of CID have been incredibly supportive and heartfelt rays of light.


An event like this surely calls into focus what’s most important and how powerful community is for the human spirit. Thank you for being in community with us and rest assured that we are definitely caring closely for one another.

Here is a short list of the best ways we see to support from afar:

BLOOD + PLATELETS | there is currently a serious shortage and is being brought in from outside our area so any donation anywhere will help.


SUPPLY DRIVE | CID is creating and assembling comforting and helpful supply bags for those in shelters or those that suffered major flood damage. We are making bags for women, men, and kids. If you wish to help us in this pursuit, please visit our latest registry shop for the items needed.

Thank you deeply to all those that donated and supported thus far. It has been overwhelmingly generous. We will be sharing a full list of thanks in the days ahead.

Donate to Supply Bags


HOUSING | if you or someone in your network has a vacation rental or any temporary housing, either emergency rental or donation, please contact our EA Christina Mack at


HUMANE SOCIETY NAPLES | there is a large influx of animals in the shelters and our team has big hearts for these guys. We are helping emergency foster animals and volunteering at the shelters where possible. If you are a fellow animal lover and wish to do the same, the link below will provide more information. | see pages ‘get involved’