Jenn Zella

Co-Founding Principal + Design Director

Cleveland, Oh
b.a. finance + b.s. interior design

Jenn Zella is the Co-Founding Principal and Design Director of CID Design Group, a national Interior Design firm specializing in Multifamily both new development and value-add, with clients in 25 states coast-to-coast, and 55 cities, including Canada.

Dual bachelor's degrees in Finance and Interior Design from The University of Georgia have allowed Jenn to uniquely distinguish CID by offering insight and value to clients far beyond the typical Interior Designer engagement; To be a history creative firm that knows how to feasibly construct what we are imagining and can execute. Jenn’s affection for history has inspired CID to focus heavily on longevity and creating memorable stories and brands.

Since 2014, Jenn has been championing a quarterly Multifamily Design Forecast as a tool for the CID team and its clients. Jenn’s commitment to constant research has distinguished her as an industry “go-to expert” and is routinely engaged, coast-to-coast, to speak about emerging multifamily design trends and forecasting.

“We are life-long students. There is always room for growth and betterment. To be ahead tomorrow, we have to see tomorrow and not get stuck in what worked yesterday. Everything is changing more rapidly every day and we can't be on the curve, we have to be ahead of it.”

speaking engagements:

- Crescent Communities Investors Conference, Fall ‘17
- Crescent Communities Forecast Presentation, Winter ‘17
- Bell Partners Forecast Presentation, North Carolina, Summer ’16
- Greystar Southeast Regional Conference, Spring ’16
- Greystar Design Forecast WEBEX, Fall ‘16
- Carmel Partners Annual Development Conference, San Francois, Winter ‘16
- Charlotte Apartment Association, Winter ‘16
- Austin Apartments Association, Spring ‘15
- Greystar’s Design Forum, Austin TX Fall ‘14
- Lennar National Development and Management Webinar, Spring '18

best design tip:

less is more

best advice:

i used to hide my work and not want others to copy it or see it until it was complete. my art & drafting instructor, brother vincente balog taught me a lesson one day that has resonated every day since. he grabbed my partially completed drawing and shared it with the class and asked another student to use it as a springboard for their project. He pulled me aside after class and said that the only way we improve is by sharing ideas, collaborating, and allowing yourself to be inspired by others ideas! i think of him and his advice often!

hidden talent:

former professional jazz dancer
secret obsession with weather and climate

trip of a lifetime:

buenos aires, argentina with my dear friend, a resident at the time