Adriana Stolz

Accounts Payable Specialist

Naples, FL
Public Accountant CPA, Pontifical Xavierian University

work experience:

Staff Accountant
Office Manager | Accountant
Accounting | Bookkeeping
Procurement Administrator
AP | AR Administrator

key project experience:

best design tip:

Quality, exclusivity, and innovation makes the difference.

favorite pattern:

Weave patterns.

best advice:

You should never blame others for what life puts you through. If there is something that you don’t like or doesn’t work for you, consider that it is part of a journey, which allows you to grow. The key is to accept what you can't change, learn, move ahead, and try again.

hidden talent:

Cooking special meals.

if its the last thing i do...

I will travel around the world.

trip of a lifetime:

New Year's Eve in Dubai.