Design Director

Naples, FL
B.F.A Interior Architecture, Northern Illinois University

work experience:

20+ years experience in 18 states + provinces
Focused on creative office, hospitality, and multifamily projects
Design lead from inception to project completion
Led various project sizes up to 200,0000 sf
FFE specifications + custom furniture
High-design storyteller

key project experience:

- Ann Sacks | Seattle Showroom, Seattle WA
- Apple Music | Nashville Headquarters & Studios, Nashville, TN
- Key Real Estate | 805 Lea, Nashville, TN
- Kohler Waters Spa | Wet Treatment Suite, Kohler, WI
- Kohler | The American Club, Kohler, WI
- Microsoft | Technology Center, Chicago, IL
- Microsoft | Sales Offices, Austin, TX
- Ocean Reef Club | Buccaneer Island, Key Largo, FL
- Pinnacle Financial Partners | Corporate Headquarters, Nashville, TN
- The Berger Co., AJ Capital, Market Street | Thompson Hotel, Nashville, TN
- The Buntin Group | Corporate Headquarters, Nashville, TN
- United Talent Agency | Nashville Headquarters, Nashville, TN
- Wood Partners | Alta Riverwalk, Nashville, TN
- WME Agency | Nashville Headquarters, Nashville, TN

new development:

- Middle Street Partners | Juniper, Atlanta, GA
- Kor Proper | Barkley Meadows, Austin, TX
- Lantower | CityLine, Richardson, TX
- Killian Pacific | Bend Industrial Way, Bend, OR
- Lantower | Sunrise, Kissimmee, FL

best design tip:

Create memorable spaces, give your concept a name, tell a story - constraints inform the design, limitations encourage creativity, every detail is worth discovering, no detail is too small.

favorite pattern:

Patterns from nature – concentric webs, dried mud, faceted bubbles, hexagonal beehives, leaf skeletons + sand ripples

best advice:

Hard work pays off – diligence, passion, and vigor create strong results.

hidden talent:

Alchemist, inventor + diplomat

if its the last thing i do...

I’ll experience all of the national parks.

trip of a lifetime:

Hill Valley - November 5, 1955